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Rev. Brandon Rich | Elopement Minister | Elopement Venue | Wedding Minister and Event Planner

Reasons to Elope
Many couples want to by-pass the expense, planning and time involved in a large, traditional wedding. Other couples want a small destination wedding with just a handful of friends or immediate family. Some couples want to run off to Nashville, Music City, while others who live here simply want to get married as quickly as possible. Whatever the motivation, Rich Events is your one-stop-shop to elope in Nashville! As an ordained minister, event planner and wedding venue manager I can bring together two of the key necessities for an elopement wedding: the minister and the venue! I have standard Christian and non-religious elopement ceremony vows that I can provide for couples who have not written out their own vows. With enough notice, I can work with a couple to customize their vows.

Valentine’s Day 2018
Rich Events will focus its resources on Skinner Chapel for Valentine’s Day elopements. Please visit the Skinner Chapel page of this website for details.

In order to secure a Rich Events officiant to come to you for your elopement you need to submit the Rich Events Elopement Request FormThis form is for elopements at private residences or venues other than those managed by Rich Events. If you want to book an elopement at a Rich Events venue (Belmont Mansion, Skinner Chapel or CityScape Studio), please click on the page for that venue above in “Venue Elopement Packages.” Rev. Rich will evaluate your request and notify you with the approval and required fee.  Please know that you must have a valid Tennessee Marriage License issued within the past 30 days in order to be legally married in Tennessee. If you do not have a valid marriage license I cannot officiate a legal ceremony for you! Please read the following sections of this page which will answer many questions you may have about eloping.

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Venue Elopement Packages
I offer specific elopement packages in Nashville at my Rich Events-affiliated venues. My flagship venue for both traditional and elopement weddings is the historic Belmont Mansion. You can click on the following links to view my elopement options at Belmont Mansion,  Skinner Chapel and CityScape Studio In addition to these popular packages, I am happy to officiate elopement ceremonies wherever you want within reason, subject to availability and subject to any rules and regulations of the location a couple may choose. If you search around some of the other popular spots to elope in Nashville you’ll likely find that my team provides in-house officiants there too!

Legal Requirements 
Lots of couples ask me what they have to include in a wedding or where they should get married or who has to be at a wedding, etc. The questions go on and on. In Tennessee you only the following things to get married: two people with a Tennessee Marriage license and an officiant. Tennessee marriage licenses have an optional witness, but that is not a legal requirement. I have verified this with the Davidson County Clerk and with the state. Anything else is extra! I’ve married couples in their homes or in relative’s homes. I’ve married couples in public places like parks or outside major Nashville tourist attractions. I have married lots of couples in traditional venues like Belmont Mansion, Scarritt Bennett Center, Legacy Farms, Belle Meade Plantation, Rock Castle….in over 100 venues and the list keeps growing. You can get married in a variety of different places and I am happy to help you find the right place for your wedding ceremony. I have gone from phone call to signing the marriage license in less than an hour many times. As long as I am available, you have the license and a venue (and of course my fee) you can get married!

Couples are responsible for obtaining a Tennessee marriage license prior to their wedding ceremony in Tennessee. Marriage licenses are issued in each Tennessee County by the County Clerk and are valid for 30 days. The office serving Nashville, TN is the Davidson County Clerk. Their web address is http://nashvilleclerk.com/living/marriage-license/ and their telephone number is (615) 862-6256. The Davidson County Clerk’s office has returned to its previous location in the Howard School Office Building at 700 Second Avenue South in Nashville. Tennessee marriage licenses require the signature of the bride and groom (obtained upon application at the clerk’s office) and of the officiant. There is an optional witness signature option on the state form, but this is not required by law. If you need to obtain a marriage license on Saturday please contact the Cheatham County Clerk at 615-792-5179 or online at http://cheathamcountytn.gov/government/county_clerk/index.html .  Couples coming from the Memphis area, especially those in Arkansas or Mississippi, may choose to obtain their marriage license locally at the Shelby County Clerk in Memphis. You can visit their website at http://www.shelbycountytn.gov/index.aspx?NID=574 or call (901) 222-3000.  Couples coming from the Chattanooga area, especially those coming from north Georgia, may want to obtain their license locally in Chattanooga at the Hamilton County Clerk. Their website is http://www.countyclerkanytime.com/marriage/default.htm or call (423) 209-6501. For weddings outside of Tennessee, please consult your local county clerk or courthouse in advance of your wedding to be sure that you are in compliance with all state and county marriage regulations. For weddings of couples who are not U.S. citizens, it is the responsibility of the couple to provide all needed documentation in order to obtain a U.S. marriage license and to follow up with any necessary documentation in their home country directly or by way of their home country’s consulate or embassy. For more online information consult U.S. Marriage License Laws – Get the facts before you go to apply for a marriage license.

Amount of Notice Needed to Elope
Not all couples who elope decide to elope at the last minute, but some do. Not all couples who elope run off to another city or another state, but some do. I have married many couples with months of advance planning. I have also gotten the 9:30 pm and the 3:30 am calls from couples wanting to get married on the spot. If you meet the legal requirements to marry, which I have listed above, the only issues for Rich Events are availability, safety and payment of fees. We must have an available, appropriate and secure venue for an elopement ceremony and I have to be available or one of my associates has to be available. If I am in close proximity (or if one of my associates is on call) and the couple is prepared with a marriage license, witness and cash for the fees, I require enough notice to pull a prepared ceremony, change into appropriate attire and travel to the agreed-upon venue. Last-minute weddings/elopements are sometimes possible, but I cannot guarantee service with short notice.

Couples need to be aware that last-minute requests for middle-of-the-night ceremonies create special concerns that must be addressed. Not only do these requests interrupt a good night’s rest, but they also carry a concern for the safety and security of the officiant, whether me or one of my associates. I may officiate last-minute, middle-of-the-night ceremonies at my regular venues or in other public places that I deem secure and appropriate. I reserve the right to refuse to officiate in a private residence, a hotel/motel room or in any other location or situation that I deem unsafe, inappropriate or inadvisable. Also, keep in mind that I cannot legally marry you if you do not have your marriage license in hand. Middle Tennessee does not have any all-night county clerks! I always reserve the right to refuse to accept a booking, especially if I already have personal or professional commitments. Last-minute weddings/elopements are sometimes possible, but I cannot guarantee service with short notice.

Cost for an Elopement Wedding
Fees and terms for elopement ceremonies depend on the location, day and time of the ceremony, my level of planning, time and overall involvement in your ceremony. Fees for elopements at the venues where I regularly officiate (Belmont MansionSkinner Chapel and CityScape Studio are set in packages unique to those three venues and published on the web.  My most popular elopement packages are at Belmont Mansion, Skinner Chapel and CityScape Studios,  so please be sure to click on the pages of this website devoted to these venues and explore the elopement options that are available. Fees for elopements outside of those venues vary and are determined by several factors including the time and day of the ceremony, the distance that I (or my associate) have to travel, whether or not I am able to use a standard ceremony script, and how much overall time I have to spend coordinating the logistics of the event. The fee must be paid by cash or credit/debit card prior to the signing of the marriage license. I reserve the right to refuse any booking in any situation or location that I feel is in any way unsafe, dangerous or otherwise inappropriate or inadvisable. Keep in mind that all elopements are subject to my availability or the availability of one of my associates. Elopements at low fees ($200) will not be scheduled more than 30 days in advance on typically high-demand days and times, such as Friday nights and Saturday nights, especially in peek seasons such as late Spring and early Fall and during select holiday seasons when demand for traditional weddings is high. Requests for elopements during peak wedding times or requests made more than 30 days in advance or middle-of-the-night requests may be treated as a traditional ceremony bookings with a $300 or $400 fee plus additional surcharges, travel and/or other related expenses. The typical Rich Events elopement will range between $200 and $300 but there are options above and below those amounts. 

Photography and Other Needs 
My photography partner since 2009 who also does aerial drone shots and video production is Dak Alley Productions. Please click here to see his webpage or call 615.600.2387.

Many of the couples who elope with Rich Events hire Nashville Wedding Collection. Please click here to see a link to their elopement gallery or call Michael & Michelle Blair at 615.448.8407 You’ll love them!

I can help out-of-town couples with recommendations for lodging, transportation and other local needs. For more information about elopement options in Nashville, please contact me by phone at 615.305.2021 (cell) or by email at Brandon@RichEvents.org.

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